Saturday, January 29, 2011

(KP - 1) Sesha Parvatha [22nd & 23rd JAN 2011]

After 2 long workaholic months last year,
We finally decided to do a TREK to KP (Kumara Parvatha).

Srikanth quickly placed the Plan on his plane and sent to our mailer list "" along with loads of information & checklists.

Myself, Srikanth, Latesh & Yashdeep were on the list of trekkers. Unfortunately Latesh & Yashdeep had to drop from the list due to their VP & BP.

Since this was our first outing in 2011 & very badly we needed a little charge from nature, myself & Srikanth thought of not stepping back and continued with great interest.

We reached Majestic by 10:00 pm to catch 9:56 pm Rajahamsa bus and we were lucky enough to find the bus not yet started.
After 20 Min, Bus started buzzing and we went to Zzz... in another 20 Min.

With a quick break @ Sakleshpur we landed in Kukke subramanya @ 5:30 am.

After a coffee + idli vada Combo in Mysore Cafe,
We started our trek @ 7:00 am.

Just in no more than 15-20 minutes, I started to tumble and drained out of energy (may be due to my singe pack abs).
So i started to move in snail phase taking multiple rests in steep climb.

Srikanth’ s enthu was killing my laziness, whenever it popped up.

As we crossed Pushpagiri Sanctuary limits. Open grasslands was welcoming us with sun filled path. we thought of taking rest under the shade of the tree which was on the border of grassland (this tree was our last hope of shade before we reach bhattaramane).

Sign boards which showed us our trek progress in pushpagiri.
While resting, we heard some male and female voice.
That was a couple from Bangalore on their way to bhattaramane.
For a sec.. I started thinking (if a woman can climb, why can’t I).
Finally i made my mind to reach KP @ any cost… and was full of josh & energy.

Seeing increase in my energy level,Srikanth gave a punching dialogue..
“Behind every successful trekker, there is someone else's woman”

Moving forward, near to Bhattaramane i opened my 3rd Eye (My camera) to capture the baking beauty of multiple hills covered with brown grass under bright sun.

We saw the arrival of 2 strangers (Ravi & Johnny Jacob, Who later became our trek partners).
Ravi was been to KP more than 8 times & Johnny was a 1st time trekker.

They had taken 2.5 hrs to climb till there,whereas we did it in Just 5 hrs.
Ravi’s experience and words of promise, doubled my energy level and i was in mood of reaching the peak (kp) on the same day.

Finally we reached Bhattaramane by 12:00 Noon to have a heavy lunch and we started to move towards beak @ 2:00 pm.

On the way to Mantapa, Srikanth slept as if he was DEAD UNDER SUN BED.
I understood not even Good would dare to woke him up from his deep sleep.

We planned to split up with Ravi and Johnny as they were quick climbers and we were slow, tired & needed some rest.

We enjoyed Sunset, Dinner & a good night sleep at Mantapa.

With a hope of viewing Sunrise on the other side of the mountain towards KP, we again started the 2nd Day by 6:00 am,
but as we climbed up, there was one more peak in between us & sun.
hence, No luck of sunrise.

We climbed the cliff till 7:30 am and had a quick breakfast session and started again….
By the time we reached Sesha Parvatha @ 9:00 am, our old partners Ravi and Johnny were coming back.
When discussed with them about the time taken to reach, they told that, it would take at least 2 and half hour to get in there (approx 1.5 km).

Since we had booked the return ticket to bangalore, we did not take chance to spend 2 + 2 hour for KP.

We came back along with our old partners.. Reached back bhattaramane by 11:30 am, Had wonderful lunch session at 12:30 pm, Started to climb down at 1:30 pm.
coming back was not strenuous as climbing up, many more groups were along with us.
Srikanth's dialogue to one of the group : "Dual SIM is good only for mobile phones, not for life"
And finally we reached the ground at 5:00 pm.

After bath in temple maintained hostel, we said hi / bye to lord subramanya, finished dinner in Mysore Cafe and headed back to bangalore with promising hope to come back KP again in November / December.

Reached bangalore @ 5:30 am.


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