Sunday, September 9, 2012

Roadtrip to Revanasiddeshwara Hills

I was so.. workaholic that, as soon as I heard from srikanth about cancelling the Sirsi trip, I thanked god for giving additional two days (weekends) to work.

But, There was an surprise waiting !!
He is the only person who could pull me out of work !!. My default answer to him when he calls me for a trip or trek is "YES, I AM IN"
Finally he succeeded in  moving me out of my work influenced area by planning a short road trip to Revanasiddeshwara Hills. :)

On this fine Sunday morning. As usual alarm started crying at 4:30 AM and no doubt my response to it is snooze.. Since mom was aware of our trip, she tried to wake me up at 5:30 AM with no luck.
But she knew a trick which can woke me up in less than 30 Seconds. (A phone Call)

Yes, unfortunately it is ONE PHONE CALL.
My 24/7 work has trained my mind in such a way that, I can wake up in less than 30 Seconds when my phone rings. (Don't try to check this trick on me and disturb)

Me, Srikanth & Prashanth assembled near my home at 6:40 AM for a small party with coffee + few motion stoppers (I mean Mari biscuits).
Once we hit the road, Soothing Old Metro music's played in 94.3 FM hooked us from thinking about the time and travel.
In Kamat Lokaruchi, we transferred Masala dosa, Set Dosa, Idli & Vada from plates to stomachs.

Revanasiddeshwara Hills
By 9:00 AM we were atop the hillock, enjoying the cool weather, watching widely spread huge hills, manmade towns and monkey's mischiefs.

60 - 63 KM From Bangalore, Located in Ramanagara
This is an Hillock which is 3066 Feet above Sea Level, which holds Three Temple's namely Renukamba Temple (at bottom), Bheemeshwari Temple (at middle) & Revanasiddeshwara Temple (Shiva)(At top). This hills are also called as SRS Hills.
To get out of the concrete life, have a weekend exercise, smoke free zone, loose the ego & to get away from <fill all your problems here>
Revanasiddeshwara Hills
View from top of revanasiddeshwara hill

Spying on a Lady in the car

Next Dhoom Hero doing reharsal

Ramaprameya Temple
Had a quick Visit to Ramaprameya Temple
Near Dodda mallur in Channapatana
Sri Aprameya swamy Temple is a very ancient & some documents state it as 1500 years old. Main attraction here is little Krishna's statue, raja gopura & Deepa stamba.
To witness one of the ancient architecture, get divine blessing from the positive forces within the temple.
Ramaprameya Temple Gopura

Heritage Grape Winery
Then it was our time to know, how wine is prepared, processed and provisioned.
We also learnt how to Look, Smell & Taste the wine

Take a Left at kadambam (Channapatnam, Mysore road), 5 KM from there
Heritage Grape Winery is an wine extraction unit, which produces, process & Prepare fine quality wine from grapes of doddaballapur & Bangalore. They also have a tour to show wine prepration procedure, which would cost Rs 150 for your pocket.
To know, how wine is produced. To learn how to look, smell & taste a wine. To taste & buy different types of wine.
[FYI: Wine is not an alcohol, its an juice. Even gods & our ancestors used to drink it. We have to follow it]
Wine Fermentation Tanks
My Finished Glasses

After a lip-smacking Puliogre, Sarkar Pongal, full meals & maddur vada, we headed back to Bangalore with a sleepy note (thanks to Srikanth for such a smooth drive).