Saturday, February 19, 2011

Lovely Lalbagh : Flower Show 2011- 26th January 2011

It was the day,

  •  When Bangalore was blushing with breathtaking beauty.
  • I could see more than 50% of Bangalorean's in one place.
  • I could see the people, With age from 3 Months to 90 +.
  • Each and everyone were in a Que to see the kempegowda's fort, rebuilt with flowers.
  • And bengaluru metro opposite to fort doubled the glory with an contrast combination.

It was 26th January 2011 (62nd Republic day), was lying awake in my bed, There was no power to switch on my computer or TV, it was about 12:00 pm . Boring is it!

So i decided to go for Lalbagh as it was the last day of Flower Show. I hit across the Lalbagh Main Gate @ 1:30 pm.

Human traffic was more than Vehicle traffic.

 Counters were well organized, i paid 40 Rs as Entry Fee (there was no fee for cameras)
Without any delay, i was in the Que, to peep into Glass House(I was behind 600 + people, who were in Que)

Only disappointment is , I missed Vegetable carvings (Since i went on last day) 

Sandeep Rules:-
  • Every bangalorean should see lalbagh
  • Never miss a flower show along with your miss
  • No one should throw any kind of waste on lawns 
  • Having a camera handy will be ideal, for taking pics
  • Dont pluck any flowers or leaves from the park, "Plants have life" 
  • And Last and Final one is to watch below clicks from me, if you have missed "Flower show 2011"