Sunday, May 15, 2011

(KP - 2) Sesha Parvatha [26th & 27th MAR 2011]

Could not stop thinking about it. Whenever my mind is empty…. 
Same incompleteness bothers me.. & whenever it does so, I used called Srikanth to share this great difficulty.

It is nothing but, Incomplete trek to Kumara Parvatha..

Finally a Day came,
when our [PLAN] was [PREPARED] and ready for [ACTION].
This time Latesh (smarty), yashdeep (sant) & Yoga narasimha (swamiji) joined our jog.

This time we planned to take the Red Bus to enjoy the Bumpy Dumpy Roller coaster ride, Which exactly took 7 hours.

Café Neo Mysore was ready with hot idli’s to serve us after we had freshened up. [Unfortunately No Vada’s]

Around 6:00 AM , With Energetic thought & stamina we started towards the peak with our cameras open .
Localities started showering their stare’s on us since myself and swamiji was on shorts which looked like “School kids, With a water bottle on their neck”.

Without much strain, we reached the first resting point
Bhemana kallu (1st  Water source)  
It helped us fill our stomach with rich & natural mineral water, as well as our Memory cards with natural snaps & Scenes.

With little breaks , talks & pranks…  


We reached Bhattara mane by 11:15 AM & took rest till they prepared food.
Bhattara mane (2nd Water source & major resting point, also food source)   
After Lunch, we continued the trek by paying the entrance fee (200 Rs) @ Forest checkpost. 
Sun was in our favour and was not so Hot as we thought earlier. 
We reached Mantapa with a little strain.

(3rd Water source & resting Point)

We had our 2ndcourse meal, which was brought by swamiji.
At this point, we saw lot more people on the peak Wandering  here and there. Later we came to know that they were trek extremes from Jenukall & rotikallu resorts (finding an alternate route to other hills)

Sun was @ his best form,
Wind was @ its best calm
What else a trekker needs !!, Everything was in a good condition.

 Along with a small pack of photo-shoot we headed up to Sesha parvatha.On the way, swamiji got tired with giddiness , he was not ready to move further. We too stopped for swamiji and was waiting for him to recover.

Slowly & silently…
Sun became Dull, getting covered by Grey clouds
Clouds became Null, by changing its color to black.
In minutes, they became thicker and thicker, giving no space to blue sky.
Showers started its mediacore performance…

We went down to Mantapa, where there was a small stone shelter.
We felt kind of happy for seeing kumara parvath getting drenched in rain, that too in summer…
[Above 3 Images are panorama, do Watch them full screen]
But the Happiness started to Shatter When the clouds started their quarrel which produced Ravishing Rain, Stormy Wind &  deadly thunderbolts.
The shelter could not stand against the Windy rain. We all are completely drenched, struggling to protect our bags.

It was an
Unseen lightning experience..
Unfelt Cold & Shivering.
Mixture of Sunset and Dark Night.

This is the peak time when humans start remembering gods..
Though no one expressed their prayer publicly… The Chant was Continuous from all of us for rain to stop.

This catchy situation cannot be explained in Words……
(Will Try to do a digital paint of what i saw in my feasible time )
Finally We made our mind to climb down to Bhattara mane in that dark evening, no matter what force stops us. (We did not had any other option or shelter)

With torch in his hands, Yashdeep Led us down.
Myself and Latesh carried all the Camera, Mobile & Wallets in our luggage.. Fully covered by Waterproof Sleeping bags.. were in middle.
Srikanth and Swamiji was on our back covering & guiding us.

Finally managed to reach Bhattara mane in our damp cloths.
There we cooked our own MTR Ready to eat foods and sleept , cursing the climate.

We woke up @ morning 6:15 AM and rushed to see the sunrise.
Sun welcomed us with his brilliant charm on the hills, followed by this,
We had a photo & video session, which we could not forget …

Then had breakfast, took enough rest and water… started climbing down @ 10:30 AM and reached kukke @ 3:00 PM

In middle, we got a chance to show our monkey michefs..

Had Bath in Temple Hostels, and light snacks in Mysore café.
After meeting and discussing With Lord Subramanya We catched our red bus to reach our busy buzzing bengaluru…..

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